Yerra’s Superspeciality Hospital

Yerra’s Superspeciality Hospital is one of the best hospitals in Guntur & even parts of Andhra Pradesh. Yerra’s Superspeciality Hospitals have been serving the required from more than 40 years now. Located in the heart of Guntur City, the hospital is equipped with Paediatric ICU, Paediatric Laparoscopy, Infusion Devices, Fully Equipped Laboratory and 24 hours Pharmacy facility.

Even though it started as a nursing home/clinic, today it is the best pediatric hospital/best children’s hospital in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. It is a well-known name in nearby districts as-well. The gynecologist department also is a well established one with best-in-class equipment and infrastructure. The facilities are world-class and the experience the patients get is very satisfactory. Being one of the best gynecology hospital in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, the hospital takes care og both mother and child right from the pregnant stage.

Our Vision: Our vision is to help all children with congenital anomalies lead near normal life.

Our Mission: We are immensely inclined to enrich our knowledge with wisdom and vast experience. To detect congenital anomalies antenatally and plan for latest and sophisticate and treatment to children suffering from congenital malformation and other surgical changes in children.